Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Dog, Two Dog, White Dog.... NEW DOG?

There's a new baby in the house. Wednesday is a 12 week old lab/pit mix who was found under a shed with her 6 littermates. Dear lord, she's giving us a run for our money. She's smart as a whip, though. Completed her first training class with flying colors. Loves to meet new people (because mom always slips them treats to give her) and tries to run up to groups of children because they will pet her belly for endless hours in the hot sun and she just soaks it all up. She's a pistol, and I've never had a puppy before, but so far so good!

She's spoiled us, I think, and I'll never have another puppy because it might not turn out like her and then I'll be disappointed. It's old dogs from here on out!

I have to post some pictures of Sully playing with her. He's so gentle, but they're both so loud.

Today, Sully went over to meet the new neighbors who are big dog lovers. I warned him that he's a bit shy at first outside of the house, but we're working on socializing. They came prepared with treats and he just leaned on them first thing. He was so happy and I was thrilled! What a good boy. He's come a long way.

Also, I'd like to point out that my purebred rescues are not as good as my mutt puppy. The pup and I were at the store getting dog food when a rescue lady walked in to pick up some expired food the store was donating. She cooed over my puppy and asked what kind. I said lab pit mix. She cooed some more and asked if I rescued her. I told her of course! And that my other two at home were rescued, too. I told her where they came from and that they were purebreds, and she went into a huge speil about how purebreds always come first and mixed breeds didn't get nearly enough attention or adoption rates. I told her I'd just adopted this lovely little mixed breed black dog and that I loved all my babies equally and that my purebreds needed homes when I adopted them, too. And now they don't, and they never will again. She apparently agreed to disagree because she gave Wednesday one last pat and walked out. How sweet.